Sunday, March 2, 2014

under the weather

I called in sick on Friday because I woke up and felt dead, something's wrong, I succumbed to the exhaustion that's haunted my last week, felt a little guilty but couldn't imagine staring at a computer screen. Not totally a mental health day but that was needed too. I never give myself a break and then I did, and was all thrown off because it felt like Saturday. I'm currently obsessed with the song below and wondering how I missed this bit of 90's alt-rock esoterica.

Evidently the Sonics were mindblowing live but I went to a birthday party and danced in the living room to Devo and had awkward moments with people who were once friendly with me and even contemplated testing the dating waters until they realized I'm not quite who I come across as, which happens a lot. Our common affinities are not always indicative of common fundamental beliefs about God man and the universe, and despite everyone saying they're so tolerant or open minded usually that's where it stops.

But I went to a festival on the east side, noshed on pho with Neighbor, slacked and played guitar with homie, went hiking for the afternoon and spent a bachelorette night procrastinating on homework and listening to sad-sack music while eating ice cream which is the single girl's birthright. I want a haircut and a tattoo and wonder what that means, if this is somewhere between a quarterlife and a midlife crisis or if it's just the cabin fever manifesting.

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