Saturday, July 27, 2013

the days were golden

It's been a good week for live music and companionship, Moroccan gnawa courtesy of the west side branch of the art museum, mingling with acquaintances turning into friends, going to sleep late, waking up early, caffeinating through work, caffeinating after work, watching the Melvins play with a record store homie, we were talking outside and missed the first act but King Buzzo rules so much.

No stage banter, just riffs and more riffs, and two drummers, and dudes rocking out next to confused girlfriends who seemed to wonder why I was so into this, so glad I had the ear plugs and a wall to lean against because I'm old and all.  And they played 'Billy Fish' which made me happy, and I could almost see the stage, and after the show I got hit on by some girl in the bathroom who started talking about 90's girl bands with me and then had me cornered by the sink and I've never really had that happen to me before so I broke through her arms and ran out to look for familiar faces of fellow station members and softball teammates. I always run into people at these shows that I never get to see. We stand around outside talking til 1am thinking the cops are going to chase us off but despite our hesherness, we're officially Old People now and therefore unthreatening.

And then at work the next morning I messed up something in my back and so that I wouldn't be a bitchy jerk, I took some sick time, crashed on the couch with a bag of frozen peas underneath me and went to the health clinic where I got some strong motrins and a sheet of exercises to do and then went a-darkthroning and a-dinnering with G. and drove through the Valley listening to Queens of the Stone Age. Amazing how distraction takes away the pain, and amazing how even the Saturday rain can't kill the buzz.

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