Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the better of two goods

I've been a longtime fan of most of Ian Mackaye's work, heck, I played two hours worth of his tunes on my show a few weeks back prompting concerns from some listeners that the guy kicked the bucket.

As such, the Evens are playing tonight and I like their new record a lot, and so is Amadou & Mariam and I'm going to try and catch a little of both, because it's rare to never that either come through, and I'm still bummed they're the same time on the same night. At least this city's small and depopulated enough that I can get to the other side of downtown in ten minutes, I guess.

for once, it's firstworldproblems instead of rustworldproblems, go figure.


  1. I like The Evens, hope to see them at Fort Reno on the 8th!

  2. Doh:

  3. I like that! Thanks for broadening my musical tastes with an artist I haven't heard of before (which I guess makes me a pretty clueless old lady. Sigh)