Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Day for Clevelandians

In my days as an a solitary teenager in the summer, when my parents weren't home, I'd listen to the radio and read and on days when the weather and the winds were right, I'd get the rock stations from Windsor and hear other middle-of-the-road alternative rock and Neil Young songs that never got airplay on this side of Lake Erie. It seemed there must have been some minor fandom in Clevelandia, because we're still on the tour circuit for the likes of Sloan and the Tragically Hip, no doubt due in part to my generation watching MuchMusic in its glory days. My college roommate had VHS tapes full of old music videos that we would watch on the weekends while doing homework.

I still have a big soft spot for that first Our Lady Peace record. I don't know how many of you besides one even care, but here's a Canada playlist.


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