Saturday, March 9, 2013

stripped to the bone...

It was such a revelation when it finally hit me that high school never ends, that the same politics take on different forms, and instead of lunch tables, we have our demarcations of neighborhoods and occupation and cultural affiliation each with its own social codes. 

So in conversation today with my mom these things come up, of friendships lost, of judgment made, of ties severed. There have been those who've considered us too fundamental, others not fundamental enough, for infractions of politics and taste and dress. It's always infinitely easier to point out other's specks than deal with your own planks, always easier to tell others how they're wrong rather than deal with your own issues, always more fun to pass the gossip around than do anything productive. 

Not everyone will like you, not everyone will care enough to get to know you, and sometimes you can be dead wrong, and there's only so much to be done and to be bothered with to that end.  To that end, how many times have I said things I shouldn't, how many times have I not wanted to bother with others for whatever reason? And it seems so absurd to cast these aspersions, because not everything is as it appears, some will only see what they want to see, others will see the worst, and who of us can truly judge? 


  1. No, no. It gets better. Or, it can if you'll let it.

  2. Stop talking to people. Problem solved.

    1. The problem is not so much me talking to people so much as other people talking about me.

      But I guess the one thing is a start.