Thursday, March 21, 2013


So I messed up my left foot, and while I can walk all right, I'm kind of limpy and gimpy. There's a tingle of nerves down there where there never was before, and it's been about a week of this hoping it'll go away and it isn't. It sucks being limpy, I feel so old, and I take the ability to walk around so much for granted.

In the meantime, I've taken the big step of booking tickets to go visit a friend of mine from college who lives in Nuremberg who got married to a guy there last year and has been doing the expat thing for awhile now. We worked the library circ desk together for two years, having a common affinity for British punk and comedy, weird humor involving old ads and cryptozoology, and road trips to televangelist buffets and to see Kurt Vonnegut speak before he died, and hijinks at employee appreciation dinners involving helium balloons and Kate Bush. So, I can't think of anyone better that I'd want to explore another corner of the world with.

We watched "Doctor Strangelove" last night and one of my compadres was talking about some facebook memes about gun nuts but what I get out of the flick is more that the state is way more crazy and trigger happy than some goofballs out in Sticksville. But then again, I don't do those kind of binaries well.

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