Friday, March 1, 2013

I had too much to dream last night

I woke up this morning with the residue of deep sleep mind meanderings, that the wars that we started all over the world had finally hit home, of mandatory conscription and the continual jet engine roar. Of a city being blown to smithereens, and none of us, having always seen this on screens rather than in front of us, not sure what to do except to run for cover. Constant explosions, complete chaos, omnipresent jingoistic slogans drowned out by the encroaching reality. I don't feel fear, so much as numbness, as if I was expecting this outcome all along.

I don't watch many action movies, but I read the news voraciously, and I can tell when a headline or a visual worms its way into the consciousness and mutates into something else entirely. I've had these kinds of dreams as long as I can remember, but they seem to keep intensifying. I doubt it means anything, but sometimes when I wake up and the world is still there for now, I remember that it's no longer there or never was there for a lot of other people.


  1. It means that you need to up the dosage.

  2. Fine playlist. No lullabies though.