Monday, June 18, 2012

lalalala I'm not listening!

I have neighbors who get testy on the whole politics thing, but talking to them individually, I find that they've got way more in common than either of them realize they do, once the ideologies and strawmen are stripped away, kind of the way that RonPaulites and Kucinichistas can agree on the overarching power of the state and imperalistic misadventuring and that maybe cannabis should be legal. I don't necessarily believe in the power of kum-by-yah, but it's amusing to me nonetheless.

We were drinking red wine on the porch last night talking politics and punk and history, buzzed enough that even contradictory opinions were glossed over and all ire was directed outwards at the abstractions of powers that be and the more immediate issue of the sketchy transactions occurring in front of the apartment building across the street.

I get to hear the usual tripe returning to the daily grind about people who happen to dissent from another's opinion and how they're therefore awful people and then bemusement at why I don't believe that Powers That Be care a lot about yours truly. I could rant more about kinder gentler machine gun hands but that gets old so you're stuck with tunes instead.

Speaking of tunes, I'll just let those do the talking.



  2. That's what you get for talking to people.

  3. Cool tunes. Great set. Thanks.