Monday, June 4, 2012


Currently on a female-fronted brit kick, must be the music I've been jamming to and the advent of summer.

Because libraries have to be all relevant and trendy like Borders after it stopped selling obscure stuff I couldn't find and before it bit the dust, the next generation of The Kids will never get to dig through the CDs (though do they still listen to them anyway?) at the local bibliotheque and discover the long-lost no-hit-wonder gems therein. I listened to a lot of Echobelly when I was driving my Sexy Saturn out to the Hell Job In Sticksville and it really hit the spot, that raging against The Man and the perfect bright-but-not-too-trebly guitar tone. Props to Andrew of Armagideon Time for giving me my first taste.

Elastica might have ripped off Wire like it was nobody's business, but it got me listening to Wire, and that first record and some of the b-sides have held up surprisingly well. I put this song on a mixtape for a boy at my lunch table who was into crusty punk, which was something I really didn't know anything about. He liked the song, and got me into Dischord bands, I got him into My Bloody Valentine. We attempted to awkwardly dance at prom and lamented not seeing the Fake Dead Kennedys instead. I haven't seen him in eight years.

I had "Spooky" on cassette and love the Jarvis Cocker duet on "Lovelife" but this one gets the most spins at 5 in the morning on the radio, with a little more accessible songwriting than the first few but not quite as poppy as the last. I always wished the guitars had a little more bit to them, but like saying I wish that certain bands would sing melodically, that's kind of not the point.


Jim got me finally checking out The Pale Saints, and this song for whatever reason hits me with the way it builds up. The coda for 'Fine Friend' does the same thing.

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