Wednesday, January 4, 2012

reds and blues

I don't remember how the Earl of Valdez, my compadre in the Bookly Arts stumbled across Harry Clarke, but I'm eternally grateful that he did because this is sheer beauty here.

He's most famous for his illustrations of Faust and Edgar Allen Poe's tales, which constantly amaze me in their intricacy. I wish my doodles could come out looking half as good as this.

But the stained glass, so wonderfully compiled in Strangest Genius, captivates me even moreso with the same attention to detail and the rich jewel-like color that I have yet to see duplicated anywhere so wonderfully. There is good art, and there is the art that moves me even more deeply into fangirl territory.

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  1. The Earl supports Zombie Harry Clarke for philosopher-king.

    There *has* to be a market for replica Eve of St. Agneses.

    Word verification: ditheing, when poets tithe via dithyrambs.