Thursday, January 5, 2012

melchior lechter

There are many rabbit holes of beauty, one lingering image that leads in a question for more pleasingness to the senses and imagination to cross the field of vision. Melchior Lechter, early 20th century German artist, symbolist, with nary a Wikipedia stub to his name in the Englished environs of the Internets, hits that sweet spot convergence of art nouveau, medievalesque undertones, and general otherworldliness akin to William Blake that makes me wish I had a glossy tome on the coffee table instead of a handful of sundry jpegs that only hint at the marvels. While there are rumors of stained glass windows and such.

It seems his output was somewhat small, mainly illustrations and glass paintings, as he worked in a glass factory while going to school and did not have the educational opportunities of his classmates. Friends said he preferred long velvet robes, was a fan of Nietszche and Wagner, and had stained glass windows in his living space. Needless to say, I'm a bit jealous and should more of his work surface, it'll be made known...

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  1. I'm really really really hoping that Interlinkloan tome is chock full of colorful prettyisms & not column after column of naught but Deutschentexten.