Wednesday, January 18, 2012

introductions of a kind.

A new home for the body, a new venue for the spillings of the soul, and I'm attempting to put everything in order, reconsider, reconfigure, ponder the twists and turns of the past year or so, making breaks where needed. I started out regional, inspired by the writings of Queen of the Bondo, Bridget, and others, and outed myself to the fellow peon about six months after the fact. Share and share alike. I started out writing about the city, and life in Clevelandia, and occasionally other places too, but realized that the focus was too narrow, too regional to the point where it almost became provincial.

It's not that I mind a little provinciality in the sense that there is so much to discover here in this metropolis in miniature, but there is a whole world out there to be discovered, so many tiny corners to delve into that I will never get to see with my own eyes, being rich in education and dreams and poor in terms of pecuniary resources.

I'd been toying with the idea of starting fresh for awhile, since the last five years have been the best and worst of times... growing up, having my illusions dissed, dealing with sundry tangles with the law and interpersonal drama while censoring most of the gory detail. Some have noticed that I've seemed more depressed than usual, but there, like always, is much more rippling beneath the surface that is much better explained over a cup of coffee or an email at the most abstract.

Meanwhile, the cultural climate among those my age was reaching a fever pitch of shiny happy Cleveland is My Paris booster absurdity, and I found that the title of my own blog was now a Twitter hashtag for Machine Gun Kelly and I was getting emails mistaking me for a far more perky individual. After a very interesting community dialogue, that was the nail in the proverbial coffin. I'm not jumping off the Cleveland bandwagon because the people I wouldn't have hung out with in high school got on, but because there is just so much more.

Some have suggested I'm in need of a new change of scene and it's true that I've been a depressive soul these last few months... sundry drama and processing all that growing up stuff, and living in an apartment with unwanted vermin in a neighborhood where I felt stuck after sunset will do that. A change of hoods, some new changes on the horizon, and the morale's improved considerably. 

While everyone else is panicking about the end of the world or this and that, I've learned like The Teacher that with greater wisdom comes greater sorrow, but that knowledge and the ability to use it as such to see the world more clearly and to share with others is still a precious and beautiful thing.

So among the arcana and ephemeral, expect to contain therein: art, ancient and modern, stained glass, book illustrations, sundry tuneage that does it for me for whatever reason, incoherent musings, the usual stuff that you may or may not dig.

Prunella Vulgaris came out of a trip to the Chinese restaurant where a purple drink of this flower's juice was sold in the cooler. I thought it'd be a sweet name when I play guitar in a doom metal band someday but until then, it's a handy pseudonym and supposedly cures herpes and other ills.

The title was bestowed on me by the Earl of Valdez, partner in bookery, absurd humor, mutual and morbid curiosity, and love of eclectic tunes. You should be reading his blog.
If anything, it'll help any inside jokery or straunge honorifics make much more sense.



    Despite bizarro hashtaggery, I'm hoping the range of swankitude here will garner more readers for you 'cause you're kind of good at this.

  2. same old reader enjoying the new place, thanks for leaving a key under the welcome mat.

  3. RG pointed me this way. What's 'persuming' in your title intro? Beautifying, I get.

  4. Randal,
    Obviously I hate America and Freedom too.
    hopefully the mutual admiration society gets a little bigger, or something.

    welcome welcome!

    behold the power of pre-standardized spellynge! (cribbed half of that from a 16th century broadside)

  5. I love what you've done with the place - the site, that is. Cleveland likely has the same levels of provincialism as any of the places I've ever lived. People are like that everywhere.