Wednesday, November 21, 2012

sleep can wait

Overdosing on good hangingoutness... returning to the art studio on Friday night to attempt to throw pots less suckily, plans to watch falling stars scuttled by fatigue, reunion with Kentinistas involving much food and revelry and sitting next to the fire pit. Family functions, dinner with good people, travels provided for thanks to generous folk with frequent flyer miles to burn, travels pondered and my passport application on its way to some bureaucrat's desk, showing up late for movie night to chortle and pick out a new turntable.

  Filling in on la estacion tonight for a homie's metal show, which inevitably leads to she plays what? Shocking that one can indeed be eclectic in one's sonic palate without saying "I listen to everything" in the sense that music is background noise rather than something that moves you. It's funny when one digs into a genre and there are so many permutations and threads that technically fall under the same umbrella and sound completely different from each other.

And tomorrow... sleeping in, cooking, hanging out with cousins and the relatives whose company I enjoy, avoiding Black Friday like the plague, hopefully doing some adventuring of some kind.

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