Thursday, November 15, 2012

mikhail nesterov

I know there's a lot of church/state issues involving the Russian Orthodox Church (it's not like European Catholicism was any kinder or gentler in another time either), but damn if the art isn't beautiful.

Mikhail Nesterov, muralist, painter of portraits, landscapes, and icons.


  1. I always wished I could draw religious art...have lots of ideas in my head but on paper it looks like stick people with big heads. God did not give me the talent for the arts......but I can "arm pit fart" Happy Birthday. So that's something. Maybe I'll try Ave Maria for Christmas. MAYBE they'll let me do it for Christmas Mass!!!!!!

    You're right, the artwork is beautiful, didn't mean to make light of it. :-)

    1. oh no! You should hear me snark in the medieval art section of the museum. I love this stuff. Give me this kind of thing over Thomas Kinkade any day.