Monday, September 3, 2012

out with a bang

Labor Day weekend, holiday of cookouts and such, still seems to be a workday for most folks not in my technocratic orbit, but I was thankful for the extra day, and the Friday night of book discussing, and the late night coffee and donuts on the east side sitting out at a picnic table by the trash can to avoid the creepy dude trying to pick up chicks 20 years younger at a deserted Amy Joy, resurrecting the bicycle to fulfill dogsitting obligations, getting condescending looks from the hipsters for my decidedly unhipster two-wheeler (aquamarine Walmart mountain bike for the win) going through the gentrified part of the almost hood. Sorry, The Kids, for daring to share the road without fixie and accompanying tattoos.

Won the last game of the season, the other team was good people and therefore fun, the soundtrack was a Pandora channel of classic Americano punk rock, someone found kittens there that we played with.

The planes for the airshow flew overhead prompting much grumbling from those of us with frustrated politics and we later converged with others at a cookout that went late, with too much good food, classic rock in the background where the awesomeness of Skynyrd was reaffirmed, the Steve Miller Band was derided deservedly, grindcore band names discussed, politics and religion pondered, new people were acquainted.  I didn't plan to stay so late, but the conversations being had were just too good, and I departed when the rain hit and those of us still sober began to disperse.

Church was good as always, drove out to the lake to sit by the water with the parents and relatives, built a fire and played Creedence and Neil Young songs on the guitar with my dad, using his dobro and the firelight, the waves in the background, the sound of steel strings felt close to cinematic.

Drove home attempting to take the scenic route through Sandusky *(pictures tomorrow) thwarted by a  cadre of patriotic cyclists who forced the rest of us to slow down from 55 to 15, which was completely frustrating in a firstworldproblems way but I called a homie who works out there who got me to an alternate route and we conversed until we respectively made it back to the fair environs of Clevelandia.

And now, it's getting darker, it's back to the daily grind tomorrow but these days have been so good that I don't mind.

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