Tuesday, September 18, 2012

never mind what you're selling

Not quite ShitList material, but three cups of coffee, not much sleep, and hearing about the awesomeness of warmongering presidents who manage not to sound like jerkfaces on video, and also of boomerific icons like the damn Beach Boys makes the Duchess prone to wanting to facepunch. No, I'm not watching the leader of the not so free world on Letterman tonight. I'm watching Stunt Rock instead. Partly because my TV is nonfunctional in the digital age, partly because all I'll do is angry up the blood even more.

That and my Abbie-Hoffman-loving ex from college who rightfully chastised me for voting Repub in the name of the lesser of two evils back in '04 who's now acting like the Dems are going to Save Human Rights And Civilization and Women and tells me I just don't understand what's at stake when I start spazzing about drones and NDAA and the letting off of war criminals and the general mission creep at home and abroad and the whole bailing out the banks thing and everyone being trigger happy on Iran. Conversely, I don't know how people think the prez is a socialist Muslim when we're bombing the hell out of the Muslim world and the status quo for the people at the top is being so meticulously preserved.

My progressive friends and the general life lessons of being around non-middle-class-non-crackers have consistently been a voice of conscience to help me realize how wrong I was about a lot of things (truth hurts, but some it seems are more willing to take the cut than others. I'd rather have my illusions shattered than continue to exist in them). So it's hard not to go WTF because I understood voting the way a lot of people did in '08 because even if I didn't myself, I hoped that some good would come of it but how wrong was that? At least I didn't buy either party line. I don't buy Occupy's either.  But now, suddenly your student loan debt means more than a child's life in Pakistan, you sweep all those unpleasant truths of the suffering of families split by deportation and detention under the rug because he said some nice things about gay people getting married that Dick Cheney beat him to six years ago.

What the hell.There's only a handful of people I can commiserate with about shit-is-fucked-up-ness in a thoughtful way. I just don't know how I manage to be simultaneously more conservative if only out of skepticism of large groups of people wielding power and at the same time in Dennis Kucinich territory with pretty much everything else. It's enough to make one's head hurt.


  1. I've already warned you about the dangers of impending uterus theft. It's like talking to a brick wall.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4dMWgjLhqI&feature=autoplay&list=ULY_7pkjvWdyU&playnext=1