Wednesday, March 28, 2012

pattern and movement

Along with all the other madcap schemes of Learning How To Do Stuff that I think is cool, I've got bits and pieces of broken dishes and such that I'd love to take the time to mosaic someday. There is something beautiful to me about the repurposing of broken useless things into work of incredible texture and pattern.

I love the greys and the industrial palette of rust and aged patina, but there is a part of me that's also starved for the color and texture that's not as often seen here in Clevelandia. The closest we get here besides the multiple old churches is the Tiffany-designed chapel at Lake View Cemetery, with its pews made of cedars of Lebanon and the multiple spiritual metaphors pieced together on the walls.

I'm assuming with beauty such as this that Ravenna Italy is a far cry from the Ravenna that I knew from my Kent days as a sad and dreary county seat with a scary Wal-Mart and a Goodwill where I acquired quite a few goth rock cassettes that got much use as a library shelver.

The ancient art section of the art museum, where sadly the art from the Middle East and Asia is still not back on display, I loved the patterns and calligraphy of the art and the cool colors.

Gaudi was a master of this kind of thing in a more abstract yet just as lovingly detailed way, these colored tiles broken and reconfigured.

I stumbled across this place in a Taschen coffeetable book, of this glass studio in Kenya. I may never get to see Kitengela Glass with my own eyes, but at least others have been there and share the magic.


  1. Oh, I'm sure their Ravenna is a follower of our Ravenna's leadership in the field of meth lab studies. USA USA USA.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stare at the pretty pictures.

  2. it's a pretty cheap boat ride to north africa from spain, just sayin...

  3. I love these pictures!

    But I'd bet you'd get more pageviews with the scary Walmart...

    /the times, the mores

  4. Sorry.

    I meant to type "O Tempura, O Smores!", of course.


  6. Randal,
    No wonder Maynard Keenan's so screwed up. That town was scary.

    someday, inshallah, I'll get to. I saw some of Wiley's paintings here in Clevelandia and they were very cool.

    While the freaks truly did come out at night (and there was the guy living in a bus in the parking lot with a stash of guns), I'd feel a bit mean-spirited putting poor folk on the Internets though I'm sure some would find it more interesting than colorful tiles and 90's rock.