Monday, March 26, 2012

the clefts of the rock

When you go to Ethiopia someday... 

It's said as if it really truly will happen. I'd love it if it did, because I'd love to see these churches hewn from rock, as legend says by angels. My friends from church from there say that isn't true, and neither are the tales of the Ark of the Covenant being hidden away on a church on an island, but these are wonders of the world I want to see before I die. Christianity is so strongly associated with Europeans, despite much of North Africa and the Middle East but it took root very early on here in its own way.

The images of the divine cast are just as ethnocentric as my own culture, but somehow this is what I imagine things to look like, if they look like anything.

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  1. Well, add that to the list of places I'll never get to check out save in ye olde Ohioshar'd bookes.