Saturday, March 24, 2012

the chill out room

Last minute station obligations, sitting in a dark room laughing with one of my fellow DJs and neighbors about seeking wifi for our connecting needs, this place is like a clubhouse sometimes, accessible at all hours, for post-show naps and finding that song in the library needed for a compilation.

Tonight it's downtempo being played instead of stoner rock, I'm looking out at the bright lights eastward, organizing thoughts, raspy throat healed and singing again, stacking clay pots on a shelf on the porch, taking long walks under skies now cloudy, pleasantly introverted, with family one doesn't have to try too hard.

There are so many birds in the yard, all this singing in the trees, squirrels crawling across the power lines, the rows of back balconies in parallel lines, with lawn chairs and potted palms. The contentedness has been good for the soul, I just wonder how long this state of getting there will last.


  1. nice that you have found and are practicing some ways of cultivating contentedness and not totally at the mercy of the whims of the world.

    1. zadie smith& nathan englander on writing

  2. The chill out room? You The Kids and your wacky drug lingo.