Tuesday, April 1, 2014

twinkle twinkle twinkle, blah blah blah

It's D. Boon's birthday today so I played a good hour's worth of Minutemen this morning, something I haven't delved into since the college years and occasionally during the regular radio slot and I forget just how amazing this band was and how little they sounded like anyone else.

My first exposure to them was on a really quite good K-Tel of all things compilation of 80's indie rock that was the first inkling to my suburban warmed-over grunge self that there was this whole other world of music just waiting to be discovered, and it was my first introduction to Black Flag and the Melvins and the Chills and Squirrel Bait and Husker Du and other bands that had their heyday while I was somewhere between in utero and starting kindergarten.

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  1. check out solnit's story 'abandon' in a field guide to getting lost