Thursday, October 10, 2013

disconnect a million miles

There are friends coming over for our monthly dinner. Out of consideration for the less crunchy of my companions, I actually make an effort at cooking meat once every four months that isn't tilapia filets. There is vegan chili in a crockpot by my sink, jerk chicken marinating in the fridge. The new table isn't big enough for everyone, so I have a card table from my mom ready to set up.

Last night I had my first dulcimer lesson, having to relearn all the music theory from the days when I took piano lessons, words like mezzopiano and such. He jokes that I'll be learning Italian and Ukrainian along with all this music, and says I pick it up quickly, even if my hands are unsure as I'm looking at the scale on here for the first time. He asks what I want to learn, and I say anything but things like "Mary Had  a Little Lamb" so he gives me sheet music of a basic folk tune and scales to practice. I am so excited to see what's going to happen with this.


  1. talk about the possibility of reorganizing how we work: