Saturday, May 11, 2013

creative block

Final paper turned in, it's raining, the cats are hovering around here somewhere, I got invited to a party but being a quasi control freak means I'm not going if someone else is driving because I want to be able to go home. An introverted night of tea and slacking around and watching Massacration videos because things are more funny when you're tired.

I got a free ticket to see Boris last night and they blew me away. The Young Widows were good too, there were lots of dudes with beards around being introverted to the riffage and I'm sure some were drooling over the lovely lady guitarist. I took some good pictures but forgot to grab the usb cable when I stopped at home. Stayed for most of the set, which veered from noisetastic raveups to droney shoegaze to doomtacular heshery.



  2. Replies
    1. that one post of all those depressing Craigslist ads generated a ton of hilarious spam extolling my mad prose style and suggesting that I check out some blogs about ingrown toenails. Whee!

  3. no cleaveland love for samedaypaydayloansbots?
    reminds me of our city buses here in Omaha covered in wraparound ads for pawnshops, sometimes the writing is on the wall...