Thursday, April 25, 2013

winding down

I don't do public speaking well, nearly failed a class at it at Kent, being an art student covered in plaster dust wearing my dad's old green national guard pants and any number of strange thrift-store t-shirts back when such thing weren't on etsy, I only passed the class due to the midterm and the final which were written. I rule at tests, but suck at talking in front of intimidating people, and most of these students showed up in suits with powerpoints on their laptops, while yours truly owned neither of those things.

But this wasn't so bad, in part because there were eight people and not many were paying attention, and since no one in there's going to be a future corporate bot, it wasn't too intimidating, especially since I could stay seated and not sway back and forth in freakedoutness.

The whole national mood weirds the hell out of me and my social media feed is full of memes that I keep clicking "hide" on as some celebrate all america-f*ck-yeah and others call c-o-n-spiracy, and meanwhile while everyone's distracted, craptacular legislation is going to get passed. The same people who still drink the koolaid and thought their dear leader against wingnuttery was going to veto NDAA and Monsanto funtimes seem to think that CISPA's going to get treated differently and are probably going to come up with more convoluted explanations involving OMGscaryrighties.  Meanwhile, people are still justifying the use of torture, repeating these claims of WMDs in the hands of former allies in the usual corners of the world.

And the weather veers between tropical balmy and snowflakes, and I'm starting to figure out what to take on the great continental sojourn, three nights in Prague, six nights in Nuremberg, maybe a trip to Munich, but definitely a footie game according to one of my hosts. I promised Randal pictures, I'll promise them to you too. Trying to figure out what to see, how not to go broke, sadly no good bands coming through during that window of time, firstworldproblems of course. I've been so tired these past couple weeks, a change of scene is feeling more and more welcome.

oh and I dig this song, the rest of the album doesn't quite hold up, and I feel like there could be a little more instrumentally fleshed out, but that voice is amazing. Usually it's the other way around as far as me and doom go. 


  1. looking forward to yer travelogue, have you seen the flick: ?

    1. I saw part of it in a class I took, I really should watch the rest of it, it was pretty good!