Friday, April 5, 2013

april is the cruelest month

Among the usuals last night, I couldn't explain, couldn't pinpoint the source of what's been hovering at the edges of my overfiring brain. I am thankful that they've had those dark nights of the soul too, and can listen without offering platitudes or enabling the angst.

What brings this on me and makes me want to melt away so much?
Those heady existential questions, maybe the obligations, or the lack of sleep, or the girlhormones or who knows what. A vacation couldn't come soon enough, sometimes I wonder if I'm just getting on everybody's nerves or gotten everything wrong, sometimes the lack of obligations makes me feel more obligated than anything else.


  1. This is true, April is cruel, but that's because it starts with April Fool's Day. Nobody like a mean trickster. Hang in there, kiddo. Evenutually those girly horomones will dry up and you can be free to be an onry as you like and people think it's cute....ecpecially if you have pink hair and a floral dress, and walk with a walker.

    I would suggest a vacation in some cabin somewhere near a beach....with a pile of books and snacks. Stay away from those Carnival Cruises. ;-)