Wednesday, December 12, 2012

deluded interluded

Flying down to Georgia, the land of peaches, Outkast, confederate laser light shows, REM, and Flannery O'Connor at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for a few days with some good friends with whom I share a love of people-watching, punk rock, Norse mythology, and pondering the questions of the universe. They live in the foothills so I'll be flying into Atlanta, taking a bus to Athens, and then hanging out in the mountains for a few days getting my hiking metal punk on. Trips to further places are warranting panic right now so at least this will be happening. Expect pictures and tales in a few days, kids. It's about damn time I had a vacation.


  1. Loving the 'darkthroning' tag, haha. Very appropriate. Have a krieg time. :)

    1. me and Randal coined that in homage to Fenriz to denote adventuring on foot pretty much anywhere. It's totally become part of my daily slang, and the more who use it the merrier!