Monday, December 3, 2012

city of dreams

I've never left the country, talked about this much, a Canadian-side Niagara Falls excursion aside, no one in my immediate family has travelled outside the country except the grandparents who fought in World War II and that was kind of different. But my partner in adventures small around Clevelandia floated the idea to me a month ago over late-night diner food since her mom works for a major airline and I'm loath to travel to foreign parts alone. We wanted to go somewhere warmer but not too hot, where there were old things to look at, and options of Israel and Greece were jettisoned due to political upheaval and the Amazon nixed due to getting extra shots and being muggy and buggy and neither of us terribly bilingual.

So long as that passport shows up in the mailbox we're good to go, and a post-Christmas reprieve from the inevitable ensuing intervention drama involving members with substance abuse issues means it might be nice to escape for awhile.

I want to do the Balkans or eastern Europe someday, but Rome is looking pretty damn exciting since there's plenty of cool old stuff there and it's walkable, as we enjoy the process of flaneur in our homeland. Reading reviews of places is like FirstWorldProblems on steroids, and it's overwhelming how much one can see as far as relics from a couple thousand years of history. Where to start, with palazzos and catacombs, cathedrals and museums. I keep thinking something will fall through, I'll believe this when I see it, but I'm kind of crazy excited right now.


  1. give Ratzi my regards and give yourself time to take things in, the men can be a bit touchy with young american ladies so be aware and be rude right back as needed, divertiti!

    1. I'll be careful to avoid the bunga-bunga parties and I've been known to make creative use of my limbs and fists when needed!

      if not Rome, we're also pondering the possibilities in Istanbul.

    2. oh no Rome for sure, the fathership has an amazing horde of art and you could use a real saturation experience.

  2. You just want to get blotto in another country. You're fooling no one.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic opportunity, I look forward to eventually reading about it!