Monday, August 6, 2012

saturday night tuneage


 Saturday night stoner rock and such fillins are fun, if a bit unorthodox. Coming into the station having done a world trip-hop show for a couple of years before moving into moodier territory means that there's some bemusement as to my love of heavy tuneage, as my years of doing homework alone in the cafeteria junior year with long hair listening to public library copies Nebula and COC on a discman are far behind me. Classic rock-influenced riffage is the birthright of Parmastanis of a certain age who were never cool. I still prefer Skynyrd to Lou Reed, sue me.

Anyways, a couple requests, a winner for the Helmet tickets, the return of the infamous Sensitive New Age Guy. Setlist is somewhat out of order, being done from memory and also the Youtubes doesn't have much in the way of Tar.


  1. This reminds me: I had a dream last night in which I was fighting an invisible Tyrannosaurus skeleton (you could see him when you hit him with fireballs).